The Military History Center is a hub of patriotism in Broken Arrow. Its collection of military artifacts is surpassed only by its collection of stories of patriotism and valor. Behind every weapon, uniform, or piece of memorabilia is the story of the person who used it in combat or in service of our nation.

Our collection includes:

  •  The actual gentleman’s cloak worn by Major Morton Merrill, Chaplain of the 177th New York Regiment, and the Bible he carried with him all through the Civil War.
  •  The famous U.S. M-1 Garand semi-automatic rifle, called by General George S. Patton the greatest weapon of WWII. The Center also features rifles, pistols, and bayonets of many of the nations engaged in that conflict, including the Remington 1903 A3 and A4 rifles.
  • Rifles of the 19th century:  Krag-Juergensen Model 1898 US caliber 30-40 used in the Spanish-American war, US Rifle caliber .45-70 Springfield “Trap Door” used in the Indian Wars, US Rifle caliber .54 Burnside Carbine Model 1864 used in the Civil War, US Rifle caliber .52 Sharps and Hankins Navy Model 1862 Carbine, and Spanish Rifle caliber .43 Remington Model 1867.
  •  The WWI U.S. officer’s uniform worn by 1st Lt. Nathan Weeks of Nowata, OK.
  •  The 100-year-old 1915 German Maxim machine gun that contributed in such a deadly manner to the horrific trench warfare of WWI.
  •  An extensive and constantly expanding research library of books, manuals and maps covering all periods of military history.
  •  The uniform of a senior staff officer of the Iraqi Republican Guard, captured by U.S. Army Captain Brian Wheeler of Tulsa as he entered Baghdad in 2003.
  •  The impressive Bridwell and Oakley plastic scale model collections, comprised of ships, aircraft, armor and artillery down through history.
  • Missing Man Exhibit honoring the POW-MIA’S who never returned.